Desindra / Phewl

Desindra / Phewl

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Character Name? - Desindra

Level? - 60

Professions? - ALchemy / Herbalism both 300

Are you attuned to Molten Core? - Yes

Are you attuned to Onyxia's Lair? - Almost just need Drakk :)

Are you attuned to Blackwing Lair? - Yes

Age and Location? - 31 / Colorado

Can you meet our raid times? - Yes

Do you have a mic and are you willing to use Discord? - Yes / Yes

Where did you hear about Omen? - Got asked to join running a dungeon

Do you have anyone currently in the guild that would vouch for you? - FattyMarron / Solace

Have you read the guild information? - Yes

Gaming Experience - All over for the last 26 years :P, including console, arcade, computers.

Please go into detail about your prior raiding experience.- Raided everything in Vanilla on Feathermoon an Rp server. Got half way through Naxx before BC hit. Raided with a priest, paladin, rogue, and hunter. Raided retail through mists of panadaria. any specific questions just ask me about them :)

What makes you different from other applicants? - I wont get gear and then just quit. I am consistently online, not just for raids. I may not be the best player but I take advice and have a lot to offer in return and learn fast. I listen to what is said.

Hypothetical Questions

We are clearing through progression content and half-way through the scheduled raid time the raid leader asks you to sit so a new recruit can come in. How do you react? -

I would ask that they give me a good reason as to why you would sit a regular over a new person. But i would still sit, i wont make you boot me from the group to get rid of me :)

We have been raiding for several hours but have failed to make any progress on the current encounter. You're the raid leader and we only have about 30 minutes left of scheduled raid time. What do you do? ASk the officers what they think and based on how the attempts have been attempt more or reconfigure and do something else. Ask the raid, although 95% of the time that will end in quitting for the evening as not many people like dieing without ANY progression.

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