Xysiez | Shaman/Cleric | Healer/Support

Xysiez | Shaman/Cleric | Healer/Support

Postby Classic90 » Wed May 24, 2017 4:13 pm

Character Name?
Xysiez / Whitecrimes

Age and Location?
25 South Carolina

Can you meet our raid times?

Do you have a mic and are you willing to use Discord?

Where did you hear about Omen?

Do you have anyone currently in the guild that would vouch for you?

Have you read the guild information?

Gaming Experience

Please go into detail about your prior raiding experience.
I have been raiding in world of warcraft since 2005ish , i have been in several top 200 guilds , including Keep calm , Vodka , Hive Mind , Exiles , and Enemy.
I have completed every tier with AoTC / Cutting edge for the last 3 expacks.

Iv also raided in Aion, EQOA , EQ2 , Gw1 , GW2

What makes you different from other applicants?
I can bring alot of info to the table about healing and even Theory Crafting . I listen and study alot on boss fights , different ways to farm and best Comps for different bosses , i plan on maining 2 different toons to be able to fill and healing/ support roll that we would need for that night.

Hypothetical Questions

We are clearing through progression content and half-way through the scheduled raid time the raid leader asks you to sit so a new recruit can come in. How do you react?
No Problem , ill use this time to get a snack and use the bathroom.

We have been raiding for several hours but have failed to make any progress on the current encounter. You're the raid leader and we only have about 30 minutes left of scheduled raid time. What do you do?
Take a quick 5 min break to keep peoples heads clear, then keep pulling for the last 25 minutes.

Who would win in a fight between a Pineapple and a Banana?
The pineapple , it gots weight to it
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