Guild Information

Guild Information

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Basic Guild Information

Server: Nostalrius PvE
Faction: Horde
Raid Times: Tues 8-11PM, Sun 6-11PM CST (GMT-6) (8Hrs/Wk)
Loot System: Loot Council

Ranks and Descriptions

Guild Master and Officers
Leaders of the guild, maintain the smooth operation of the guild both inside and outside of raids. 85%+ raid attendance required.

Veteran Raider
A Raider who has held the rank for six months or more. 85%+ raid attendance required.

A guildie who has successfully completed the initiation process and has a dedicated raid spot. 85%+ raid attendance required.

A guildie who has been newly to the guild but has not yet passed their trial period. 85%+ raid attendance required.

A rank for those guildies who can no longer maintain raid commitments but wish to remain in the guild. No Raid attendance requirements.

Friends and Family
A guildie who is friends or family with a current raider.


Personal Conduct Expectations

Causing drama, using exploits, or personal attacks against other guildies will no be tolerated

Guildies are expected to act in a way that reflects positively on the guild.

Progression Expectations

We take our raid hours seriously, those who do not arrive early and prepared will lose their raid spot.

Guildies who show no interest in contributing to the guild or have an expectation of being carried have no place here.

Officer Expectations

Officers exist to better the guild by performing their assigned role, not to rule over the guild as kings.

Officers are granted no exceptions to any rules and are held to a higher standard.

Officers who fail to meet their expectations will be demoted.

Performance Expectations

Raiders are expected to benefit the raid and grasp all core concepts of their role and the encounters.

Raiders should make use of every tool available to improve themselves and the guild.

Arrogance, superiority and disdain for fellow guildies have no place in our team environment.

Rules and Penalties

Loot Council
The GM, Officers, veteran raiders and raiders all have loot priority.

Officers will vote on all items and pattern drops of epic or higher quality. The Guild Master is the tie breaker.

Officers will not participate on any council where they are interested in the loot being assigned.

Best in slot, need, attendance, performance and seniority are all taken into account for loot distribution.

Loot belongs to the guild and is distributed in the way the best benefits progression.

Guildies who have a grievance about a loot council decision should bring it up to their Role leader outside of the raid.

Guild Bank Rules

Guildies of rank Raider and higher are entitled to repairs, consumables and other materials from the guild bank.

Guildies may submit request about any materials they cannot withdrawn themselves to a guild officer


Guildies found to be in violation of any guild rules or policy will be punished based on severity and frequency.

These penalties range from being removed from the raid temporarily to expulsion from the guild.
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